Recent Sermon Highlights

       Although nothing beats hearing the original live, just in case you were unable to do so, here are a few highlights for you to read through and contemplate.

    The intent of this section is not to provide a word for word retelling of the listed sermons, but rather to provide you with the key texts for each message as well as summarize their main points.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or clarifications you may have concerning any of these messages.

"You Ask Me How I Know He Lives
Parts #'s 1-3"

     Christianity is not a "blind leap of faith" belief system, but rather, it is a faith that is based upon solid fact.  This series discussed some of those complimentary truths that support the biblical account of the claims of Christ.

"Double Blind Study"

    A medical double blind study is one in which neither the experimenters nor the participants know who is receiving the new medicine and who is simply receiving a placebo.  The "double blind study" referenced in this message compared and contrasted two men who had rather different interactions when they each had an encounter with Jesus.

"Three Verses--
One Message"

     Perhaps the most familiar Scripture reference in our culture is John 3:16.  This message expanded that "point of reference" to discuss not only it, but the next two verses that are written immediately after it.