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Member Spotlight


Shirley Witt

How long have you been attending GT? 

I have attended over 40 years.

Who is someone from the Bible that you admire (apart from any member of the Trinity) and why is that the case?

I admire Ruth because she was a woman who upheld what God was teaching.

What is a favorite book of the Bible or Bible verse of yours and why is that the case?

Mark is my favorite book of the Bible because it teaches about the life of Jesus.

What is a humorous church memory that you have? 

When my dad was preaching in Ellerslie one Sunday my nephew and I thought we had enough of the service and snuck out. Not only did we get caught and get in trouble, but my dad then made us sit in the front row. 

What is something that you appreciate about GT? 

I appreciate the way it is run.

Why should somebody consider visiting GT?

We have a friendly church that welcomes guests. 

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