"Say No to S.I.N. (Self Imposed Nonsense)!"


Scripture reading:  Rom. 1:25-32

Opening text:  Deut. 30:11-20

Additional reading:  Gal. 6:7-9; Luke 24:46-47;

I John 1:8-9; I John 3:6-10; Matt. 6:13

     One's sinful choices bring unnecessary consequences on himself, their family, and others.  Consider these three admonishments from Scripture in reference to saying no to sin.  First, it is God's desire for His followers to say no to sin in their lives through the act of sincere repentance.  Second, saying no to sin is an affirmation of a true inner work of salvation in the life of the individual.  Third, Christians are to pray that God will help them to say no to sin in their lives.

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