"Double Blind Study"

Scripture reading:  Ps. 146:1-10

Opening text:  John 1:1-14

Additional reading:  Mark 10:17-22, 46-52; II Cor. 4:4;

John 8:12

     Mark chapter 10 details the interactions that Jesus had with two men, with two rather different outcomes.  Those individuals were a gentleman simply referred to as the "rich young man" and Bartimaeus.  The rich young man physically had sight, while Bartimaeus was physically blind.  The rich young man loved material things more than Jesus, while Bartimaeus willingly gave up material things for Jesus.  Finally, the rich young man sadly walked away from Jesus in spiritual darkness, while Bartimaeus walked away with Jesus in His spiritual light.  Each of us has a personal decision to determine which of these men we most want to be like.